Breast Augmentation is one of the most performed cosmetic procedures and for a good reason; most women report a boost of self-esteem afterwards.

At AdonisMD Dr. Vasquez Kristiansen will strive to customize the augmentation to your desire while maintaining a natural look, so you too can experience your level of self-confidence elevated after Breast Augmentation.

Breast Augmentation involves using breast implants (saline or silicone) or Fat Transfer to increase the size. It is also used to restore volume that has been lost with pregnancy or weight reduction.

The final result will depend on individual breast size, nipple position and skin elasticity.

The planning of the Breast Augmentation involves:

1) Pocket Plane:
  a) Submuscular (under the chest muscle)
  b) Partial Subpectoral
  c) Subglandular

2) Implant:
  a) Round
  b) Textured,
  c) Tear Drop, MemoryShape etc.

3) Incision:
  a) Inframammary (most common)
  b) Transaxillary
  c) Periareolar

Numerous studies have concluded that Subpectoral Plane (under the muscle) is associated with reduced capsular contracture rate as compared to subglandular.

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