No, I do not mean cholesterol, I do mean fat! Believe it or not, but scientist are now doing serious studies in the area of what they describe as “good fat” also commonly referred to as brown fat

Unlike the well-known white fat, this brown fat  is not used to store excess energy (calories) and does not increase when you eat too many calories (nice!). On the contrary; brown fat burns calories at high rate (very nice!).

So what is this “good fat” used for, you may ask. Well, it’s primary function seems to be to create heat and keep our internal organs warm. Unlike white fat, which is mostly stored around our waist and abdomen, brown fat is primarily stored, out of sight, in the upper back region. For this reason it is not the target for laser liposuction or any other kind of diet or fat reduction.

When you get cold, you start to shiver. This is the muscles playing tug-of-war; pulling in opposite directions just to create heat to keep your body warm.

Similarly, when you get cold, the brown tissue turns on like a radiator, burning calories and creating heat, but without the shivering. As a matter of fact, brown fat tissue is more similar to muscle tissue that to  fat tissue.

Confused? Don’t be. Think of it like this:

– White fat STORES calories.

– Brown fat BURNS calories

– Brown fat “EATS” white fat

So  how can we get more of this good brown fat, you may ask?


Wouldn’t it be great if we could turn some of the white fat into brown fat?…maybe as an alternative to laser #liposuction. Well, maybe we can, say the scientists.


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